Learn Secrets That Most Experts Will Never Share About Forex And Trading

Learn Why New Forex Traders Lose Their Money And How To Choose The Best Forex Education Product

Before you jump in to the currency trading train and start to invest your own money, learn some secrets that no one is talking about. I think you understand that this article is too short to educate you everything I know. But you can find a lot of articles in my web site and learn fundamentals very fast.

But now I want to teach you more important things about choosing the best educational product. You will save a lot of time and money after you learn these secret tips and tricks.

Many forex coaches are offering eBooks and different forex education solutions in order to help you. But most of them are created to make money from you in the first place. Let me guide you how you can save your money now for the future use.

At first, you have no guarantee that you will make money in the forex market after you buy such educational products. With my tips you will lose less and you will not get in to the trap of so called ‘get rich overnight’ schemes. Forex newbie’s tend to spend all their money on such systems and of course they fail.

Golden Advice No 1

Do not invest your hard earned cash in to educational products at all. Learn the forex trading system basics first. You can find a lot of sources to learn forex basics and terminology for free. Search for the forums, blogs, magazines and other offline sources. You can visit this forex education magazine web site and you will get a large amount of free articles. This magazine is well known in forex industry and can help you so much.

You can also visit forex web site and find FAQ’s, tutorials and guides. Maybe after you study the basics you decide to leave the currency trading market at all.

Remember this golden rule. Don’t invest you money at all. First, learn about forex for free as much as you can. Most of the forex product creators sell basic information that can be found for free, you just need to search a little bit.

Golden Advice No 2

Never believe in advices or reviews made by other people, even in forums. I found this secret recently. People that create products always have good reviews from other members, because of one well known phrase ‘you scratch my hand I will scratch yours’. They ask friends, affiliates to come and leave a good review, they even create video just to prove that this product is the best. If you are new in forex you can spend decent amount of money and not learn anything that you can put in to action right now.

Golden Advice No 3

If someone is selling ebook or software in web site and claims that they are selling this product for years follow my instructions to discover the truth. Do like this, type in Google word whois and enter one of the top web sites. Now copy website url of the product you want to buy and paste in whois web site. After that you will get a lot of information. Look for domain registration date. If they say that this forex education product is really good and they sell this for many years domain must be old too. But most of the time you will see that this domain was registered 2-4 months back. Spooky ;)

Golden Advice No 4

Don’t believe in proof provided by the seller. Because it can be way different when you enter the real market and start trading. It is individual and because someone is making money using this doesn’t mean that you will make money too.

Golden Advice No 5

Always look for money back guarantee. Normally it will be 30 or 60 days, but if you can’t find it, leave this page. Also you can Google about this product and find does this money back guarantee work at all. Sometimes it is a trick with * and you will not get your money back. Look for the free trial because it is a good sign.

Golden Advice No 6

People from one USA University found no correlation between product quality and the price. It doesn’t matter you pay high or low, the product quality have nothing to do with the price. Learn more about forex education product creator before you buy something from him. Check everything you can to learn about this person first.

Goden Advice No 7

Send email and look how fast he responds. Maybe he just set up this web site and went to create another one. Maybe this guru doesn’t care about his customers. Or you can find forex forum and search for the threads with questions, look maybe someone from the old members answered them. Do like this, copy this question and send to the product creator, look how he responds. Compare to what forum expert said and you will know about his expertise level.


I hope you liked my tips and learned a lot in this article. Now I can say that you are ready to learn just keep in mind my instructions and you will be safe. I don’t want you to lose all your money. I am here to help you.

Cheers ;)



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