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Learn How To Save Your Hard Earned 2500$ With Mini Forex Trading Account For Starters

Before you start your own currency exchange campaign you need to create trading account.

If you are newbie and don’t know anything about trading currency I suggest opening a demo account first and mini forex trading account later.

Before you create your mini Forex account let’s talk about demo account a little bit so you can understand the difference between them.

Demo account is normal Forex account and I recommend creating this account in the first place.

With this account you have no way to invest or make real money, because all transactions are handled with virtual money. You have no chance to feel the real power of forex trading system, but it is normal since you don’t risk from the start.

You will see how everything looks like and I recommend doing that before you open mini account. The biggest problem is that you don’t invest your real money, so in other words you can’t afford to lose all your money.

Feels like playing computer game. If you lose all your virtual money you can shut down and forget about it. But if you play with real money you take the real risk and don’t want to lose.

It is normal that you never feel the same passion like playing with real money, so I suggest using demo account for 2-4 weeks before moving to mini Forex account I will talk next.

Mini Forex trading account is different if compared to demo because you take the risk and you trade currency with real money.

The reason why it is called mini is because you don’t need a lot of money to open and start trading.

Mini forex account can be opened just for 250$ and it is very little sum compared to 2500$ for opening new regular Forex account.

Mini account is really the same account but you don’t have to have a lot of money and of course you risk less than with normal account. Same charts, same functions and options are available with mini forex account so you don’t have to worry about that.

Even if you have 2500$ lying around, please keep them for you and don’t play with them. Don’t invest them right now in to regular forex account, because you are not ready and you don’t have basic knowledge about Forex.

First learn how to make money from currency trading with mini forex trading account.

I can guarantee 100% that you will lose all your money if you will start with regular account.

Why? Because this means that you are too emotional and hurry, this is the mix of big failure in Forex.

You can hurry only after you master international trading exchange process and know what you are doing. But like I said if you are new and you want to hurry give me your money right now because I know what to do with them, ha :D

Note one more thing, mini doesn’t mean that you can’t make money. Mini describes the amount you need to have for opening your account and buying currency. You will have 250$ in your account, this is not an account creation fee.

After you gather some basics and know what you are doing you will be more disciplined, know how to control your emotions, gather some data from tested trading strategies and so on.

The biggest thing in all currency trading business is that you need to manage your feelings and emotions. You can learn different tactics and systems but if you can’t control yourself you will end with 0$ balance at the end. This is the critical part that no one is talking about.

When you become a trader it is like in real business you push the button and this cause some things to move, you have to push the right button in the right time.

This is the main problem why most currency traders fail over and over again.

After you will be ready to open a mini forex trading account you have to do research and find the best broker available.

I will tell you how I was able to find the best broker that I use till now.

Don’t search review pages in Google because you will end up with the fixed lists and reviews. You want to find forum with real Forex experts talking about this trading business every day.

After that open account and you have 2 options:

1. Create a thread and ask help

2. Search for opened threads with the same question

This is how I was able to find good broker.

It is like choosing the partner for the rest of your life and if you make a bad move you are moving to the bad direction from the start.

After you find some reliable brokers, check how much they charge for commissions and is your capital fully insured. You don’t want to risk with your money after you managed to make them.

Skyrocket your chances to make 1 million dollars and become one of the best Forex currency traders right now.


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